Moon Palace Paul Auster


Published: 1990


307 pages


Moon Palace  by  Paul Auster

Moon Palace by Paul Auster
1990 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 307 pages | ISBN: | 10.28 Mb

This is a book about gettin nekkid.I discovered Paul Auster through the 1001 books list and then went on a big PA binge. I suppose I should have been more restrained because very soon all the PA plots and machinations and convoluted po-mo madness was churning in my brain. Id given myself PAP. Yes, that well know literary syndrome, Paul Auster Poisoning.This was my third consecutive read and I believe it can be directly attributed to the onset of a severe case of PAP.

But I did enjoy this book (therefore equating PAP to eating too much cotton candy but still feeling compelled to go on eating more despite what various parts of your body are telling you). Moon Palace is weighty with symbolism and duality and as usual there is a synchronisty between a lot of his stories. But so are many of his books.

Hence the PAP.Protagonists Fogg , Effing and Barber all try at some point to reduce their lives to the most distilled essence possible. A bit like putting yourself through a life juicer in order to be left with only the purest extract. Fogg does this by relinquishing all of his possessions and becoming homeless, Effing by renouncing his past and creating a new one for himself and then later by distributing his wealth and Barber does a similar thing by relinquishing his home. Maybe its a form of unburdening as well as reduction.All of the people in this book were seeking something and in each of their stories they seem to believe that by peeling off all the outer trappings of possession and wealth will they expose the core of themselves to world.

They will be naked. See, I told you this was a book about being nekkid. Apologies if you were expecting a more titilating variety of nekkidity.Ultimately making themselves as vulnerable as possible leads to their undoing either physically or emotionally. All in all a very satisfying novel, but let this be a warning to you all. Paul Auster should only be taken in small doses and be sure to let one plot settle before you gorge yourself on another.

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